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Up to the Challenge? Can I Contest A Will On My Own In California Or Do I Have To Have A Lawyer?

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THE FOLLOWING IN A TRANSCRIPT OF THIS VIDEO. FOR MORE INFORMATION, CLICK HERE Hi, this is Stewart Albertson with Albertson and Davidson and we get this question every now and then, and the question is: Do I really need to hire a lawyer for my trust contest or will contest or can I do it… Continue Reading

Live Q&A with Stewart and Keith

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Every month we are contacted by several hundreds of people asking questions about Trust and Will issues. Abused Trust beneficiaries, bad Trustees, people being disinherited by wrongdoers at the last minute…the problems seem to emanate from every segment of society. It doesn’t help that Trust and Will law is particularly confusing. We spend a lot… Continue Reading

Will you lose your inheritance??? The Beneficiary’s Corner — Course 5 California No Contest Claims

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If you find your inheritance being reduced or eliminated and you want to take action to protect yourself in court, you may want to first consider California No Contest clauses.  California Trusts and Wills often contain a no contest clause that states you will be disinherited if you challenge the terms of the Trust or… Continue Reading