Quality Matters!

When exactly did we lose sight of quality? In our fast paced world, we often expect things (1) cheaply, and (2) quickly. That works great for fast food and cheap electronics, but not so well for professional services. If you need a heart transplant do you want the cheapest, fastest surgeon? Or would you

If you mean it, document it!

If you are dealing with a dysfunctional family relationship, there is going to be some misunderstandings along the way.  Dysfunctional relationships do better with proper documentation. You may have a hard time communicating with dysfunctional family members, but the written word is much harder to refute than a game of he-said, she-said. In fact,

I Hate to Communicate...

The problem underlying many Trust and Will disputes is bad family dynamics and dysfunctional family relationships. People just do not get along. And where there’s dysfunctional relationships, there’s misunderstandings galore.

If you are dealing with a dysfunctional relationship, you have to take a different approach. That approach begins with communication–easier said than done, I

That’s a loaded question.  It all depends on how the asset you are seeking to recover was titled.  Even though you, and probably your parent, thought that all assets were in one basket and you can simply file one document to get what is rightfully yours, you are mistaken (welcome to Trust and Will

Think you have a slam dunk legal case?  Well in my 12 years of litigation experience (all in California) I’d say there is no such thing.  But if you were to have a slam dunk case, at a minimum you would need at least five different things to come together in your favor.  Here are