Quality Matters!

When exactly did we lose sight of quality? In our fast paced world, we often expect things (1) cheaply, and (2) quickly. That works great for fast food and cheap electronics, but not so well for professional services. If you need a heart transplant do you want the cheapest, fastest surgeon? Or would you prefer someone who charges more because they have great expertise and they take their time?

Let’s be honest, legal work is expensive. And unlike your healthcare, there really is no good comprehensive insurance product that pays for a majority of the costs. Quality legal services costs more than the cheap and quick stuff. The problem is that it can be hard to discern quality in legal services. It’s not like buying a luxury car where you sit in the car and can see the quality for yourself.

Yet there is no doubt in my mind that quality matters in legal services. Many legal arguments are won or lost on the written motions. Even routine hearings can be done better with proper preparation beforehand. It takes time to provide quality services, but that investment can pay huge dividends in terms of the ultimate results.

Of course, you can do everything well and still lose. That’s the nature of our adversarial legal system.  Ultimately someone else makes the decision as to who wins and who loses; you have no control over that. The only thing you can control is the amount of energy and effort you put into your case. The higher the degree of quality, the more likely you are to succeed.

For most people, a Trust or Will lawsuit is a once-in-a-lifetime event where the family legacy is on the line.  That’s when quality counts the most.