Did you know that amending a California Trust is not the only way to “amend” a Trust?  Sounds like a riddle, but it’s actually a concept known as a “power of appointment.”

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A Trust amendment is a simple way to change a California revocable Trust.  And an amendment can change any part of the Trust

My friend and colleague, Michael Hackard, with Hackard Law in Sacramento, California, approached me the other day with an intriguing and much overlooked concept to recapture lost assets from an elder abuser: “constructive trusts.”  Our discussion lead to the following article that we co-drafted on the issue of constructive trusts. 


Part 1: What is the right to privacy?

Do you have a right to privacy anymore?  in this age of ubiquitous information and password breaches, its hard to imagine that anything is confidential.  

In California, an individual’s right to privacy is contained in our State’s Constitution–so it is a Constitutional right.  And the Court will uphold

It’s not everyday that the California Court of Appeals hands down new law in the area of trusts and wills.  Most of our laws and rules in this area have been in place for centuries. 

This month, however, the Fourth Appellate District recognized a new claim for California beneficiaries called “Intentional Interference with Expected Inheritance” (referred