Objection, hearsay!  We hear that term “hearsay” all the time—in the movies, on T.V., and in real life court proceedings.  The idea behind the “hearsay” rule, which prevents certain statements and documents from being admitted as evidence, is that not everything people say is reliable or even truthful (imagine that).  As straightforward as that rule

We posted over 100 blog articles in 2011.  While we enjoy writing each of them, there are a few favorites we have over the course of the year.  Each of the posts that made our top 11 list was also very popular with readers based on comments and feedback we received.  Here is a list

In January 2010, California once again changed the law of No-Contest clauses in an attempt to make the area easy to apply.  Hard to say if that goal was accomplished.  In this video we discuss some of the basics of California No-Contest clauses.  For those viewing this blog by email subscription, you can click on

Every beneficiary of a California Trust and Will has a basic right to information.  They have a right to see the Trust or Will document(s), they have a right to asset information, they have a right to full disclosure.  Yet not every Trustee or Executor complies with requests for information.  This video describes a beneficiary’s basic right to information.