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CA Trust, Estate & Probate Litigation

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When to Fight for your Right to Privacy: A Three Part Series

Posted in Civil Procedure, Litigation
Part 1: What is the right to privacy? Do you have a right to privacy anymore?  in this age of ubiquitous information and password breaches, its hard to imagine that anything is confidential.   In California, an individual’s right to privacy is contained in our State’s Constitution–so it is a Constitutional right.  And the Court will uphold… Continue Reading

What Did You Expect? An Overview of the Mediation Process in California Trust and Will Matters

Posted in Civil Procedure
During this Christmas season of peace and good will towards men (and women), it never hurts to talk about the settlement process for California Trust and Will cases.  In the past, we have written various handouts letting our clients know what to expect at various points throughout the Court process.  And we have shared these… Continue Reading