During this Christmas season of peace and good will towards men (and women), it never hurts to talk about the settlement process for California Trust and Will cases.  In the past, we have written various handouts letting our clients know what to expect at various points throughout the Court process.  And we have shared these handouts on our blog and firm website.  

We now have an addition to the series, titled “What to Expect at Your Mediation or Mandatory Settlement Conference.”  A brief guide to some of the points every party should know about the mediation and mandatory settlement process.  If you have never been to mediation before, or even if you have, it can be a bit of a foreign experience.  There are things that occur during mediation, and more importatly things that do NOT occur, that are important for you to know.

Of course, our guides are just highlights and not meant to be an exhaustive explanation of each subject.  But for a quick primer on the litigation process, and the settlement process, they should help to give you a quick update on how things work.