You may know that you have to prove your case in Court, but to what extent must it be proven?  In this video, Stewart Albertson discusses the legal burden of proof used in California Trust and Will contest cases.

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In our first Tools of War post we set out three general categories of information you need to know to be successful in trust and will litigation.  They were:

  • Civil procedure—things like motions and demurrers
  • Civil discovery—written discovery, depositions, and expert designations
  • Rules of evidence—including foundation, hearsay, and relevance.

Civil procedure and civil discovery we

Objection, hearsay!  We hear that term “hearsay” all the time—in the movies, on T.V., and in real life court proceedings.  The idea behind the “hearsay” rule, which prevents certain statements and documents from being admitted as evidence, is that not everything people say is reliable or even truthful (imagine that).  As straightforward as that rule