After years of fighting the urge I purchased a BMW R1200GS. Since my purchase, I can’t stop riding my GS. I look for any excuse to go for a ride. Deposition in Los Angeles? No problem—I get to and from LA in just over an hour each way. Need Dog Food? No problem—I just strap the 50 pounds of dog food to the back of the GS. Etc. Etc. Etc.

I love everything about the GS except for the stock windscreen. At 90 mph—I mean 65 mph—the buffeting behind the stock windscreen gets old pretty quick. So I began a search for a better windscreen. I reviewed the AeroFlow Sport Half Fairing, the California Scientific windshield, Cee Bailey’s windshields, and the Touratech Windscreen Spoiler. Each had good points—but I remained undecided.

Several weeks later I had to service my GS at the BMW dealer in Riverside, California. I took my bike in early and had to wait for a few minutes. I saw a gentleman in the parking lot working on the windscreen of a BMW K1600GTL. We struck up a conversation about windscreens. I told him I had reviewed AeroFlow, CalSci, Cee Bailey’s, and even tried the Touratach Spoiler. He smiled and introduced himself as “Paige”. He then told me he was the president and founder of AeroFlow.

Paige invited me to visit him at AeroFlow headquarters in Anaheim. We set up a time to meet the following week. Upon arriving at Paige’s shop in Anaheim, he warmly greeted me along with Bonnie and Clyde—his guard dogs. Paige gave me a tour of his facility. He showed me how they heated and molded the windscreens. After that he showed me his new windscreen design for the BMW K1600GTL. Finally, Paige showed me the rest of his 3600 sq. ft. facility, and then we went to take a look at my GS.

Paige recommended the tall screen. Unfortunately, as we began taking off the stock screen, one of the attachments for holding the screen in place was broken. Paige suggested that I go to the BMW dealership in Orange to get a replacement part. I started to get my GS ready to ride without the windscreen, which we had already taken off. Paige said, “just take my car.” “Really?” I said. Paige insisted. So, I took his car and went to pick up the replacement part. After returning to Paige’s shop he had already mounted the upper brackets. We quickly mounted the tall screen and I was off to test it out. It was much improved, but I have a high riding position. So, Paige suggested we try the extra tall windscreen. The extra tall windscreen did the job. No more buffeting, and I could even hear my motorcycle on the freeway.

After saying thanks and goodbye I left Paige’s shop and got on the 91 Freeway East to drive to my office in Riverside. It was the best ride I’ve ever had on the Freeway. I’ve attached pictures of my experience with Paige and of my new AeroFlow Sport Half Fairing below.

GS 1 (EV)1.pngGS 3 (EV).png
















GS 2 (EV).png