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CA Trust, Estate & Probate Litigation

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Become a Discovery Ninja: Setting up a Workflow for Responding to California Discovery

Posted in Law Technology
Responding to written discovery can be overwhelming. In most cases defense attorneys send the bulk of written discovery early on in a lawsuit. This discovery generally includes Form Interrogatories, Special Interrogatories, Requests for Admission, and Demands to Produce. Due to the size and expansive scope of this discovery one can become overwhelmed by it and… Continue Reading

Meet Albertson & Davidson, LLP: Why we practice law as California Trust, Estate and Probate litigtion lawyers

Posted in Litigation, Our Attorneys
This video post is our informal discussion of why we practice law.  It is important for us to know our purpose in practicing law.  In fact, we put our purpose on the first page of our website, and we talk about it constantly.  For those viewing this blog by email subscription, you can click on… Continue Reading

Kids At Heart: Creation of the Albertson & Davidson Children’s Foundation

Posted in Our Attorneys
Albertson & Davidson, LLP has created a new private foundation to help support children’s causes. Listen to partner Keith A. Davidson announce the creation of our new foundation. Albertson & Davidson, LLP, Riverside County’s fastest growing boutique law firm, is pleased to announce the creation of the “Albertson & Davidson Children’s Foundation”, which will contribute… Continue Reading

Albertson & Davidson’s Top Free Legal Links

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Access to legal information does not always require an expensive subscription to services like Westlaw and LexisNexis. You can obtain legal information for free at the following sites: Albertson & Davidson’s Top Free Legal Links: California State Codes Google Scholar The Public Library of Law California Findlaw California Judicial Council Forms California Appellate and Supreme… Continue Reading

California Probate Forms

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Every California probate requires a host of forms to start, administer, and complete successfully.  In lawyer talk, these forms are for “decedent’s estates,” which also means probate estates.  Anytime any assets pass through probate, these are some of the forms that are used to navigate the probate process (these are the most commonly used California probate… Continue Reading

Top 10 iPad Apps for Lawyers

Posted in Law Technology
 I’ve used my iPad for about a year now. It has changed the way I practice law—mostly for the better. Here’s my list of top 10 iPad apps for lawyers: 1. GoodReader. I recently appeared at a motion hearing where I was opposing a motion for summary judgment. Before the hearing, I was able to… Continue Reading