Make no mistake, litigation is a fight.  If you are going to try to set aside a Trust or Will document, you have a fight coming your way.  And in most cases, it can be a long, tough, expensive fight.  Unfortunately, there is no other way to stand up for your rights but to go to court and fight for what is right.  And once you step into the boxing ring, you have to expect to get hit (and sometimes hit hard).

That does not mean that you fold your tent and go home.  Boxing is a game of endurance and perseverance as much as it is a show of strength.  The longer you hold in there, the better chance you have at achieving a fair and just result.  Sometimes that result comes in the form of a favorable settlement, sometimes it take a full-blown trial, and sometimes even just causes lose.  But if you give up without a fight, then you are guaranteed to lose.  That means the only way to win a just and fair result is to take your chances in the boxing ring.

Better yet, if you want to increase your changes of winning, then put in the effort and work it takes to provide the best effort possible when in court.  Of course, that comes down to the right preparation for your case.  And preparation takes time (and time is money).  But without preparation, you have no idea if you can go the distance in your fight.

So the next time you step in the boxing ring, prepare for a tough fit, but hand in for the distance.  Most people give in far before the case is over, so the long you can go, the better your chances for a just result.