Every beneficiary of a California Trust and Will has a basic right to information.  They have a right to see the Trust or Will document(s), they have a right to asset information, they have a right to full disclosure.  Yet not every Trustee or Executor complies with requests for information.  This video describes a beneficiary’s basic right to information.  For those viewing this blog by email subscription, you can click on the title for a link to the video.

  • Sam

    The trust states that my step dad can use the money for his health, maintenance and support taking in consideration any other sources of support both principal and income. My two brothers and me are the beneficiaries. My step dad is also the trustee. He takes out money every month, one month he took out 50,000 to pay his taxes. He has at least 1 millon of his own money. since he has his own money can he keep getting out what ever he wants. He told us he could but that doesnt sound right.

  • Good question, happens all the time. The answer lies in the Trust document, the underlying facts (i.e., what is he using the money for), and the judge your in front of. Techincally, there should be a limit to what he can take out. But if he takes money out for health-care costs, for example, chances are that a judge would not be too sympathetic to any claims against him. So much depends on the equity of the situation.

    You should look into this further and seek some specific legal advice for your issue.