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Hi, this is Stewart Albertson with Albertson & Davidson.  The question is can a trustee be changed after the trust is irrevocable?  In other words, after mom and dad are passed on and the trustee’s accepted office, can you change out that trustee for another trustee?  And the answer is yes, you can, if the trust terms allow it.  In fact, most trust terms do allow the trustee to change from the original trustee to a successor trustee, if everyone is in agreement.  So as long as everyone is in agreement, you can change from one trustee to another.

Now, in practicality, most trustees don’t want to give up their office as trustee.  And in those cases, you’ll have to try to remove them, which is a much more difficult thing to do.

But for the purposes of this video, certainly, if a trustee, original trustee is ready to step down and it wants a successor trustee to take over, and the trust terms allow it, it’s perfectly acceptable.