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Hi, this is Keith Davidson with Albertson & Davidson.  In this video, I’m discussing how hard is it to get your inheritance.

And that’s really kind of a loaded question because my law firm deals primarily with clients who have a very hard time getting their inheritance.  That’s why they come to us is because they have some sort of problem that is preventing them from getting the money that they deserve, the inheritance that they deserve.

But in a perfect world, your inheritance should be fairly easy to receive – especially if your parents went to the trouble of creating a revocable living trust during their lifetime.  The whole point of a trust is it’s supposed to be easy.  You don’t have to go to probate.  You don’t have to have the Probate Court or a judge oversee the passage of assets.  The trustee can do all of that.  And if you have a good trustee who knows what they’re doing and who follows the rules, then, in deed, it is easy for you.

Those are not the type of cases that we deal with and they’re not the type of cases that quite frankly I see a whole lot.  Because those type of cases don’t call my law firm.  They don’t call me.  But the ones that do call me are the ones that have problems.

And that’s where we get into trust and will contest, if a bad actor has come in and created an amendment that wasn’t supposed to be there.  Or a bad trustees who refuse to make a distribution of assets, even though the trust says they’re supposed to do that.  These are all actions that, yes, should be easy under our trust and will laws, and yet, problems can arise.  People can act poorly.  People cannot follow the rules.  And for that reason, the difficulty you may have getting your inheritance could be much harder than the next person.