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Step-Mommy Dearest…Can my Step-Mom Change my Father’s Will After my Father Dies?

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THE FOLLOWING IS A TRANSCRIPT OF THIS VIDEO. FOR MORE INFORMATION, CLICK HERE Hi, this is Keith Davidson at Albertson & Davidson.  And in this video, I want to discuss step-parents.  And I don’t mean to disparage step-parents, there’s a lot of very good step-parent and step-child relationships out there.  But, there’s also some bad… Continue Reading

Stealing My Gift! My Deceased Parents Gave Me Something Before They Passed That My Siblings Now Say Is Part Of the Estate

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THE FOLLOWING IS A TRANSCRIPT OF THIS VIDEO. FOR MORE INFORMATION, CLICK HERE This is Stewart Albertson with Albertson and Davidson, and I want to talk to you about an issue that we do see from time to time called advances on inheritance. Advances on inheritance are essentially a loan that mom or dad makes… Continue Reading

California Caretaker Arrested for Forgery and Identify Theft of Family’s Living Trust

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Last week the San Bernardino County Sherriff’s office announced that they have arrested a caretaker for alleged forgery and identity theft of a family’s living trust.  This is big deal because wrongdoers are so rarely arrested and charged for their criminal actions in Trust and Will cases.  According to the San Bernardino County Sherriff’s office,… Continue Reading

Setting the Table for Bad Faith Claims: How attorney malpractice insurance claims for California Trust, Will and Estate cases can exceed policy limits

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From time to time we have clients come to our office upset that the attorney who drafted their parents’ California estate plan (i.e., living trust, will, and durable powers of attorney) got it wrong or perhaps failed to properly implement the parents’ estate plan. In a recent case we handled an attorney drafted an amendment… Continue Reading

May The Best Contestant Win…Contesting A California Trust vs. A California Will

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Listen to Keith A. Davidson summarize his blog post on the difference in contesting a California Trust and a California Will. Which is better—A Trust or Will if a fight takes place for your assets after your death?   One of the primary reasons people create Living Trusts (also called Revocable Trusts and Revocable Living Trusts)… Continue Reading