Several weeks ago we announced we were offering to draft California Wills for free to members of our community. We were worried that we would be inundated with requests for the free Wills. But we were wrong. We only received one e-mail accepting our offer to draft a free California Will.

So, we’ve decided to

It doesn’t happen often, but the existence of fraud can cause a Will to be invalid. Fraud is simply a lie (called a misstatement of a material fact in legal parlance).  Thus, if someone lies to a person creating a Will (called the testator) and that lie causes a different disposition under the Will than

When creating a California Will there are a few basic steps that must be met from a legal perspective in order for that Will to be legally valid.  In their simplest form, the two areas required for a valid California Will are the necessary “Intentionalities” and the required “Formalities.”


Intentionalities  evidence a person’s intent