Where in the World do I file my Lawsuit?

Where do you sue your Trustee?  If you want to sue a Trustee in California, there are two issues you need to consider: (1) jurisdiction, and (2) venue. Jurisdiction is the big question—can this Trustee be sued in California? Venue is the smaller question—where in California must this Trustee be sued?

Jurisdiction —

Must a Trustee Report Elder Abuse?

There are certain categories of people who are required by law to report any suspected elder abuse. That includes both physical elder abuse, and financial elder abuse. Under California Welfare and Institutions Code section 15630, any private or public facility that takes on the care and custody (meaning housing) of an elder (elder

You've Been Judged

If you file a California Trust or Will lawsuit, the only way for the Court to make a decision on your case is at time of trial.  A majority of cases never get that far because they settle before trial.  But for those cases where no voluntary settlement is reached, trial is the only answer.