Trustee Breach of Trust

Trustee_ It's Time to Go!!!

Trustee removal is one of the hardest areas to litigate in California Probate court.  But if you have the right facts, then removal and suspension can be accomplished.  In this video, partner Stewart Albertson discusses the idea of Trustee removal and suspension. For more information, click this link:

Bad Trustees = Bad Investing!!!

Trustees have a staggering number of duties and obligations when it comes to investing California Trust assets.  The California Uniform Prudent Investor Act outlines these duties, many of which are simply not followed by individual Trustees.  In this video, partner Stewart Albertson discusses the duties of Trust investing for California Trustees.

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Bad Trustees

When a Trustee refuses or fails to properly invest Trust assets, those assets can waste away.  Wasting Trust assets in one of the basis on which you can seek removal of your California Trustee.  In this video, partner Keith Davidson discusses Trustee removal based on wasting Trust assets.

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Where in the World do I file my Lawsuit?

Where do you sue your Trustee?  If you want to sue a Trustee in California, there are two issues you need to consider: (1) jurisdiction, and (2) venue. Jurisdiction is the big question—can this Trustee be sued in California? Venue is the smaller question—where in California must this Trustee be sued?

Jurisdiction —