You are on a plane and hit a good bit of turbulence, or the plane drops in altitude suddenly, and you think to yourself that you never did prepare your Will, so you send a quick text to a family member or friend setting out your desires should you not make it. Of course,

Under California law, no-cotest clauses in California Trust and Wills have been substantially limited in their applicability.  In most cases they simply will not apply.  But even when a no-contest clause does apply, it may still be possible to escape its affects.  In this video, Stewart Albertson discusses when you can escape the harsh affects

If you are an Executor in California, there are a few things you must know if you hope to do your job the right way.  Here’s our top ten list for every California Executor:

1.  You have no powers or duties until the court appoints you as Executor

You may be named as an

Your parent dies and after grieving you wonder, where is his or her Will?  Didn’t mom say she had a Will, and she mentioned something about it going equally to all the kids, but what happened to that Will?

So you call your siblings and ask about the Will.  You are told that your sister

Is an oral promise to make a will or trust enforceable under California law? Contrary to what many believe, California law provides for the enforcement of oral promises to make a will or trust.

How does the promise to make a will or trust arise? Generally, a parent orally promises a child, a friend, or