You don’t need to have legal experience to know that different people act in different ways to any given situation.  Especially stressful situations.  Lawsuits are very stressful for most people involved in them.  Trust and Will related lawsuits are even more so because it typically involves family, meaning family relationships and long-standing family dynamics that have nothing to do with the present lawsuit.

The Telegraph just published an interesting article written by David Eaglemann on the human brain titled “The Human Brain: turning our minds to the law.”  It is a fascinating look at how understanding the brain can help with legal disputes.  It also challenges some of the fundamental “truths” the legal system implicity applies to cases and the people involved in those cases.  The law, after all, is about people.  It is supposed to help people and resolve problems that cannot be solved without Court intervention.  As such, the nature of people, how each person thinks and acts, should be taken into account.

I really like this artcle and recommend it to anyone trying to figure out the nature of law as it applies to people.  Not that it can be figured out, but maybe a little understanding goes a long way.