Getting the cold shoulder from your Trustee?  While every Trustee has a duty to communicate with the beneficiaries and provide required information, it does not always happen that way.  Maybe the Trustee does not know their fiduciary duties, maybe they don’t know the answer to the questions your asking, or worse yet, maybe they don’t want you to know what they are up to.

When a Trustee fails to communicate, beneficiaries usually assume the worst.  And, for good reason:  a lack of communication is usually the result of people doing things they should not do.

But as a beneficiary you are entitled to communication from your Trustee.  How do you enforce that? You file a petition in court and demand to receive the information that you requested.  Once the petition is filed, not only can you get the information by way or a court order, but you also have subpoena power.  Said power allows you to subpoena the documents you are after.

While you should never get the cold shoulder from your Trustee, you can take action to stop that.  It’s up to you to act to protect your rights.